Open Carry Tarrant County

Conceal carry stops the crime, open carry prevents the crime.
-Open Carry Tarrant County

In the Tarrant County area? Support the 2nd amendment? We are going to be doing open carry walks with our long guns on a regular basis, keeping an eye on pro gun candidates and keeping up on gun legislation. In Texas it is legal to open carry your long gun or a black powder pistol but not your handgun. We want constitutional carry for all. Join us!

We do walks all over Tarrant and surrounding areas. We sometimes travel to different cities all over the state! If you have a suggestion of a place for us to walk that you think would be beneficial, let us know!

We are a peaceful group and do not advocate violence in any way. We are not here to start confrontations with Police or any of the such, but we will assert our rights. This program is for education to the public and to the police officers of our constitutional rights. Please do not start a confrontation just to start one, we also want to document good interactions with the Police.