Open Source knowledge

Open source knowledge, as the name suggests,"knowledge" beyond boundaries, some great people fought for providing access to free "knowledge" to every one and advocated the freedom of learning by breaking the barriers of localized knowledge divided on basis of geography and economy.

Eric Steven Raymon, Richard Matthew Stallman, Larry Wall, Linus Torvalds , Brian Behlendorf, Sameer Parekh , Eric Allman, Paul Vixie, John Ousterhout, Guido van Rossum, Phil Zimmermann,John Gilmore , Jamie Zawinski, Tim O'Reilly who pioneered the movement of open software foundations .

Now there is new revolution taking shape , free and open source knowledge which has been started by many platforms AI-Class , ML-Class, Coursera , Udacity,Venture-lab, stanford University , EDx online , MITx, Khan Academy to educate the world through very useful knowledge which focuses on learning. Let us be a part of it and learn something worth and share this to others.

This revolution is for us , let us be a part of it and make it reach everywhere.
Lets bring a strong force and make every learner a part of this!!