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This is a forum run by Co-Opera Co. http://www.co-opera-co.org/ for professional singers, singers in training, aspiring artists and opera enthusiasts to share information, ask for and offer advice and generally have fun connecting with like-minded people.

Sometimes it can get a little heated and there is a panel of Admins on board to help sort out any problems - they are:-
Daniel White, Catherine Francoise, Justin Bindley, Claire Roussel Le Tissier, Paul J Need and Kate Flowers

Please contact them if you have any complaints about threads or posts.

Our policy is 3 strikes and you are out.
Sorry, but we feel it's important for everyone to feel free to post here without being subject to bullying or abusive remarks.

When contact is made with an individual by an admin. to notify and warn them that their behaviour has in some manner been unsatisfactory and not in keeping with the ethos of the group.
This will involve a temporary ban until the dialogue has been concluded when the individual must re-apply to Opera Talk.
A 3rd ban will be permanent.

If a post is reported either on the forum or in a private message or if any Administrator feels that a post or a comment on a post is abusive or simply not in the spirit of the forum, they will first of all liaise with the rest of the Admin. team, then send a private message to the poster and, if deemed necessary, the post and or comment will be deleted.

This might constitute a first strike depending on the nature of the problem.


If you wish us to look at video clips or links to YouTube please go to our sister page - Opera Talk - Performance Platform https://www.facebook.com/groups/618293258188376/

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