Opt Out of State Standardized Tests - Florida

This is a group that supports ALL parents, students, and educators in the state regardless of their religious views, political affiliation, or choice for a public or non public education for children.

Be aware that standardized testing and accountability regulations are constantly in flux. The best practice is to read source material published on your school district website AND on the Florida DOE website.

Information published on the web may not be up-to-date; however, you can find and/or add information to pertaining to Florida and other states at the following resource sites:


While this discussion group is focused primarily to provide support for families opting out of standardized testing, we understand that deeper conversations about education and questions will come up. Feel free to DISCUSS ANYTHING or ask any question of the group. Free and honest debate is welcome. Please be respectful of group members' viewpoints, even and especially when they differ or conflict with yours.