Orange County Swap, Sell and Barter

Orange county, New York. Please list items you would like to sell. Please list items at yard sale prices and post price. Be friendly and good luck clearing out the house. Do not post more than 5 items in a row to be fair to others. If possible, make albums. No businesses. No dog breeders. No illegal items. No real estate listings. Do not use this page to promote any other group without written permission. Doing so, may get you removed from this group. Please do not bump your items more than every 48 hours. Local Orange county NY only. Please list your town or where you will meet, Orange county is a big area. Please delete sold items. The administrators work for free, in their spare time, and are not responsible for problems with a sale or any legal matters. By joining this group, you agree not to hold this group or it's administrators responsible for any loss, damages, claims of any kind, liability or legal fees including reasonable attorney fees, steming from use of this group. Please treat people the way you would like to be treated. No rude comments, keep it to buying and selling. If you don't like the rules, don't join.