Orangevale Exchange Group

If you live in Orangevale and its surrounding cities this is a great group to join for buying, selling, and trading items. :)

1) PUT INFO IN YOUR AD: price, description, and location.

2) BUMPING once every 48 hours is allowed in this group. This is on the honor system, so please do not abuse it.

3) DUPLICATE POSTS are NOT allowed. They will be deleted by admins starting with most recent.

4) DELETE POSTS when no longer available or after 30 days. If a person is unable to delete, please comment, “Admin, please delete”, so others know it is unavailable and an admin can delete.

5) COMMENTS/QUESTIONS on posts may only pertain to positive exchange of information to progress transaction. Negative comments, bickering, unsolicited advice on pricing, etc. is not allowed. NO DRAMA IS ALLOWED.

6) RESPOND TO PEOPLE IN ORDER. Be courteous. This site is for Orangevale and its surrounding cities (Folsom, Fair Oaks, Rancho Cordova, Citrus Heights), if you live outside of the area, YOU MUST BE WILLNG TO TRAVEL to exchange your items.

7) BUSINESSES may only post once every 24 hours. The business must be located in Orangevale or its neighboring cities to post in this group and previous post must be deleted first. Consider setting up a business page or group for your business and provide a link to your page in order to provide a large amount of information and updates. Admins are happy to help you do this. No ambiguous posts allowed.

Repeated abuse of any of these rules will result in removal from the group. Please understand we are all trying to sell our things!

Let's work together to make this a wonderful selling/buying tool for our community! Please be sure to keep track of what items you are selling and ALL Buyers please follow through on purchases.

Please contact an Admin if you have any questions, we are here to help.
- Sally Miller, Debi Esposti Garcia, and Maxine Maxine