Order Of Avenge - Reborn Legacy

Website : http://orderofavenge.net/
Server Features :

Server Rates -
8x Solo Rate
9x Team Rate
5x Drop Rate
500x Fairy Rate
1x Ship Rate

Max Stat -
Max Character: 100
Max Stat: 100
Max Fairy: 51

Phyllis Crusader
New Skills
1500+ Apparels
New Minigames
All Unseals
All Maps
Rebirth1-3 Available
Crate System
Random Drop System
Smelting System
Lots of Money Methods
Lots of Gem Methods
Good ways to earn Bags and Potions ect
Helper NPCs to Help you find Locations
Free to Play
Non Hamachi
New Maps
Helpful Forum

Maps -
Normal Maps:
Kaldron City
Magical Ocean
Deep Blue
Kaldron Mines

Fighting Maps:
Winter Island
Thundoria Mirage
MagmaZone PK
Team PvP Bar
Kaldron Wars 2 [PK]
Lv90 Leveling Maze
Galactic PK
Rebirth Dungeon
Abaddon1-Eternal Abaddon
Chaos Argent
Forsaken City
Dark Swamp
Demonic World

-All other Official Maps as well

Voyagers: Lowered Cooldown, HP & Def increased.
Champions have increased attack speed.
Clerics have increased health and lowered cooldowns.
Sealmasters have lowered cooldowns.
Voyagers do not need coral
Lowered Sharpshooter cooldown
NO -aspd on guns
Sharpshooter can forge Brokens,Cracks, and Chipped Strikings into Guns
Seal Master and Cleric have slight attack and bolt increases
Sharpshooters have more Defense per Constitution
Slightly more Defense per Constituion on Voyager
Slightly Lower Defense on Champion
Higher Attack Speed per Agility on Champ.

Gem Methods -
Forsaken City Mobs - Normal Gems
Forsaken City Chests - Cracked Gems
Forsaken City Boss - Chipped Gems
Dark Swamp Boss - Chipped Gems
Demonic World Mobs - Normal Gems
Demonic World Bosses - Unique Gem Voucher
Magma Zone Prize - 25 Points = 1 Unique Gem Voucher
Crate System - Certain Crates drop a Unique Gem Voucher
Galactic PK Novice Chests - Cracked Gems
Galactic PK Mobs - Normal Gems
Galactic PK Expert Chests- Unique Gems
Chaos Argent Expert Chests- Unique Gems
Kaldron Wars Novice Chests- Cracked Gems
Kaldron Wars Standard Chests- Chipped Gems
Kaldron Wars Expert Chests- Bings Dodge, Sharks Stengthening, Feng's ect

Money Methods -
Wood[5k EA./500k for 99x] Might raise
Crystal Ore[100k per Stack]

Copper Ore[1k EA.]
Iron Ore[2k EA.]
Tin Ore[1k EA.]
Silver Ore[6k EA.]
Gold Ore[10k EA. ]
Coal[4k EA.]
Bronze Bar[20k EA.]
Iron Bar[24k EA.]
Steel Bar[31k EA.]
Silver Bar[34k EA.]
Gold Bar[22k EA.]
Platinum Bar[40k EA.]

Novice Chaos Voucher[1.5m for 25x]
King of the Ring Emblem[2.5m for 1x]
Bear Paws[1m for 99x]
Blurry Blueprints[500k for 99x]
Encrypted Blueprints[1m for 99x]
Sealed Blueprints[1.5m for 99]
Invocation Blueprints[2m for 99x]
Elven Fruit[1m for 50x]
Chest of Enigma[5m EA.]
Chest of Forsaken City[3m EA.]
Chest of Dark Swamp[3m EA.]
Chest of Demonic World[3m EA.]