Organic Terrace Gardening

ORGANIC TERRACE GARDENING (hereby referred to as OTG) is a forum dedicated to organic food farming in an urban environment, promote organic events and organic gardening resources. This includes growing our own food in our city dwellings be it in our own yards/ home gardens, or on terraces, balconies or even spaces as small as window sills. In addition to discussions and participative learning on food farming, this forum is also about moving away from unsustainable technologies and lifestyles, and adopting more of eco-friendly and sustainable methods of living… and hence discussions on waste segregation, home composting, organic foods, globalization and agriculture, food security and biotechnology, biodiversity etc.. are also encouraged. So let's get together to sensitize ourselves and others around us to start growing our own food using organic methods and embark on a holistic journey towards self-sustainability. Let's inspire and be inspired!