Classmates of 1971 Osawatomie, Kansas

To those of you who missed our reunion: According to our prophecy, very little came true. But what did happen as we gathered together for our 40th is here and now imparted. Some had gained weight; others had lost it. Some had hair; some had none (or very little); some traveled from afar; others just drove a few miles; most were recognizable; others more difficult-\-\especially after the rendition of blending our classmates together a la Cathy Dempsey! But, that being said, we're all the same caring and nurturing classmates that we were 40 years ago! The funny ones were still funny; those gone were sadly missed. We have hard working and over-achieving classmates who are absolutely awesome. Hats off to Cathy, Lolita, Dee Ellen, Mary and Cheryl for their hard work in putting the reunion together. You all wore many hats in high school and you're still doing that today. To you, I am truly grateful. Thank you!