Otaku Division

This is a group where we all as anime, gamers, comic fans and, TCG can come together as a group. We can share our knowledge among each other as well as videos, pictures, music, gaming videos, etc. NO HENTAI pictures, videos, or anything along those lines. THAT WILL GET OTHERS IN TROUBLE AND YOU KNOW WHAT WE MEAN. FIRST TIME IS A WARNING, SECOND ONE OF THE ADMINS WILL CONTACT YOU ABOUT IT AS WELL AS LAST WARNING, THIRD TIME ADMINS WILL DECIDE IF YOU GET KICKED OUT THE GROUP(MAY TALK TO YOU IF NECESSARY). Everyone have fun and enjoy the group, and feel free to add anyone you know that is at a fan of one or more of the topics this group is about. Cyber bullying of any kind is not allowed in the group at all. we are being generous enough for being kind to give you a second chance. if on your first offense an admin gets a complaint or we see or feel that whatever you said goes against this rule one of the admins will inbox you can warn you about it. second time depending on what the situation is, its either you will be banned from the group for a while, kicked out, you even given one last chance, depending on your actions and how the admins feel. IF GIVEN A SECOND OR GIVEN ANOTHER CHANCE, THAT SAID MEMBER IS TO WRITE AN APOLOGY STATEMENT OF THE PAGE TO THAT MEMBER OR MEMBERS. IF YOU REFUSE TO DO SO YOU WILL BE KICK OUT OR BANNED ON THE STOP. WE ARE LIKE A FAMILY, CLAN, GUILD, ETC. WE DON'Y NEED ANY PROBLEMS HERE NOW OR EVER. IF THERE IS, CONTACT AN ADMIN OR EVEN THE HEAD ADMIN AND WE'LL TALK ABOUT THE MATTER.

P.S feel free to post any suggestions to help make the group better, it is a work in progress. As to posting on the page, feel free to post and pictures, videos, YouTube videos, games, comics, parodies, k~pop/j~pop, music, etc. Feel free to post but it has to be appropriate. Nothing close or similar to hentai, echhi is allowed, but what you post the characters must wear clothes that doesn't show much. No profanity at all is allowed.

ADMINS-Also other admins, no more deleting peoples post unless they violate these rules. and also no more deleting or blocking people without a group discussion of at least four admins present. also no deleting each other either without a proper discussion on the matter.


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Dante Cunningham
Devante Haynes
Grant Blarinhime
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