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-- About this Group

This group gathers OuiShare editors, contributors and trendwatchers in the large, complex and emerging field of Collaborative Education

The idea here: sharing knowledge, collaborating on editorial production, and organizing edu-centric events :)

If you would like to add somebody to this group, feel free: it's open :) the only condition: introduce him/her in 3/4 lines!

-- About OuiShare

OuiShare is a global community of entrepreneurs, journalists, thinkers, designers, activists and citizens working towards a Collaborative Economy. A Think Tank + Do Tank.

The Collaborative Economy is a new paradigm in which internet-enabled collaboration transforms the business models of production and distribution of goods and knowledge, as well as services, through new value creation mechanisms based on peer-to-peer transactions and communities: P2P Carsharing, Ridesharing, P2P Lending, Coworking, Crowdfunding, Peer Production, Open Hardware, ...

This is about people connecting online to meet offline, performing social and economic activities that concur to a new, distributed capitalism in which access trumps over ownership, trust between strangers replace traditional brand/individual relationships, and crowds collaborate for common good.

OuiShare relies on a global network of local hubs (currently located in major european cities: Paris, London, Berlin, Roma, Barcelona, Brussels, ...) and a global, collaborative, online media.
Launched in January 2012 and after only 5 months, OuiShare gathers 300 contributors in 15 countries from Europe, North and Latin America.