.: Code of Conduct :.
Created: 5-9-16

As a member of the Overwa...tchHeroes group, you are bound by the following rules:

1. Do NOT post content unrelated to Overwatch.

2. Posts containing video, text, or pictures of erotica, nudity, sexual references, etc are NOT allowed.

3. Do NOT post advertisements or links to unauthorized stores, services, outlets, that are not officially licensed through/by Blizzard Entertainment. Unlicensed or "hobbyist" sellers must get permission from the administration of the group to post.

4. Limit of 1 post per Twitch/stream or Youtube Channel. Original Poster may bump an existing one if already created.

5. The discussion of or links to services, hacks, bots, cheats, or anything that violates the Blizzard EULA or Overwatch Terms of Service is expressly forbidden.

6. RESPECT YOUR FELLOW MEMBERS. Harassment, acutely abusive behavior, TROLLING, posting offensive content, and otherwise extreme negative comments designed to target specific users with the unmistakable intent to cause emotional distress or taunt (start a fight) will NOT be tolerated (this includes photo responses).

7. Refrain from using excessive language or derogatory comments (this includes photos).

8. Giveaways for the purpose of self-promotion (streams, channels, fansites, must be approved by an administrator prior to posting.

9. No "selfies" or "vanity" posts. Ensure the focus of a shared picture that may contain a person is the Overwatch gear, not the individual.

10. If you are posting fan-art/cosplay within the group, you are required to disclose the source and credit the artist.

11. Please do not advertise links to other groups here without permission from an admin.

12. Admins reserve the right to delete posts and comments that they feel may be reposts, spam, toxic, nonconstructive, nonsensical, inappropriate, etc.

13. If your post/comment was deleted. Do NOT create a new post or repeat your comment. Instead, reach out to an Admin from the list below via PM.

Please report posts, comments, and/or users that violate these terms by reporting the post entirely, tagging an admin (requires you to be friends to tag), or private messaging one or all of the staff listed below.

Violating the Code of Conduct can result in a Warning, Temporary Removal from the Group, or a Permanent Ban depending on the severity of the violation at the discretion of the investigating admin.


Community Manager:
Joshua "Rathamus" Duerksen - facebook.com/rathamus

James Hunter - facebook.com/jimma.banks
Joe Kav Valenti - facebook.com/joe.m.valenti
Stefany Kay Lynch - facebook.com/stefany.k.lynch
Jenny Marie - facebook.com/jennyybean
Kelly Mathews - facebook.com/KellySophiaMathews
Morgan Kirkpatrick - facebook.com/artemis.yadig