Owatonna Minnesota Buy and Sell

Have things to buy sell or give away? List them here.

I am not responsible for any posts, prices, usability of goods sold, promises, authenticity, guarantees, warranties, fit for use, condition or validity of any post made by any person in this group.

1) we will not accept any out of state home business ads
2) no out of state ads that solicit any online business
3) we will not accept any profiles with no photo or profile
4) we will not accept any profile that we cannot determine where that person is from
5) The word "Interested" is not considered an intent to buy. Intent to buy takes first pick and managed buy the seller. Terms like "I want it", I will take it" show intent to buy.
6) Keep comments limited to ONLY discussing price and pick ups and commitment to buy
7) Absolutely no Government assisted food sales of any kind.
8) ONLY 4 individual posts per 12 hours, you can create photo albums with unlimited items in an album.
9) New Rule Implementation: Taking or making offers via PM or private email is NOT allowed. All offers and sales must be posted. Those violating this rule will be banned.
Out of state people are welcome as long as they are here in the true interest of buying and selling

Online business and work from home ads are welcome as long as they are from Minnesota and do not repeatedly post their business to the point of being annoying.

10) WARNING!!!! The State of Minnesota is watching Facebook Groups like this for sales of items purchased using EBT cards, Food Stamps and WIC items. If you are guilty of selling these items, you will be charged by the Sate of Minnesota.
If you are found to be selling these items on this site..You will be banned permanently...

We don't pretend to be "Gods" of this page and we don't have many rules. We just want people to be able to buy and sell things without being annoyed by others and not have to be offended by others.

These 4 rules are meant to make this an enjoyable site and to protect our group from scams.

Our main rule for the group members is to create a photo album for 4 or more photos. It keeps the pages shorter, it keeps all of your adds in one place and when you bump, you get to bump all of your things for sale.

I f you are using your cell phone, you cannot create an album. If you are on your PC, 1) click add post, 2) write about your post, 3) Click Add Photo/ Video, 4) Click Create Photo Album, 5) select ALL of your photos, 6) Now you can add descriptions about each photo, 7) When finished click Post and you should have a post with a photo album.....Hope this helps.

Enjoy the site.

All communication, prices or deals between group members is their risk and responsibility.

If posting more than 4 photos, please create a photo album.