F.I.S.H = Food. Info. Social. Healthy Lifestyle.

OZ F.I.S.H = Food. Info. Social. Healthy Lifestyle in Australia

This is an open group for Aussie PRs, potential Aussie PRs, Aussie Temporary Residents (TR), foreigners and Australians to get together to chat, dispense info and get to know each other.

This group is originally a spin off from Malaysia Education Info because lots of Malaysian parents in there wants to migrate to Australia & New Zealand due to various reasons. Friends, members and family are welcome to join in and discuss.

Should anyone wants to promote, introduce and sell products or services of "any kind"... please get permission from Admin first and foremost.
Admin reserves the rights to delete any postings and links without any reasons given.

You can post links but NO political bashing, racist remarks and NO religious topics in this group.
Thank you.

Jasmine & Christine