Oz Horror Movies- Free Online Club

For fans of Oz Horror Movies who want to watch, comment and enjoy in the comfort of home with the 'virtual company' of others!

Each week, we will choose a title of a horror movie for everyone to watch - ideally on the Monday night, but you will be watching it at home, or with friends (organise your own little groups.. so you can watch it anytime during that week!!

Then- we have a whole week to discuss on this page!
Post your comments and thoughts while you're watching 'reel-time'

Important: Put ***Spoiler alert*** if you will be posting a spoiler, especially if watching early!

Etiquette: If you don't like the movie we have chosen, that's OK. But please don't litter the page with negative comments like 'this is rubbish' or whatever- please try to be positive, constructive, yadda yadda yadda...

Legal: We do not support illegal downloads or rips- please be sensitive to this and if you have trouble 'sourcing' the movie, please don't post links to illegal sites etc.

Thanks! - Steve