Pakuranga, Botany and Howick buy and sell

***we are now only accepting Auckland residents in this group for now***

Welcome to all the new members that have joined Pakuranga, Botany and Howick buy and Sell! It's great to have you here.

Please take the time to read the following Terms and conditions as this may help you decide weither this group is right for you to trade in.

This Group is a Auckland suburbs page purposely made for those to safely trade within these Auckland suburbs. Obviously we will have outer city member's request to join this group and they will be accepted, but please have in mind that if you decide you would like to trade in the wider Auckland regions or outer town, it will be "TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK" basis.

Pakuranga, Botany and Howick Buy and Sell group or Admins hold no responsibilities for those that have encounted dodgy trades but assure you that admin will do there best to try help you out.

If it happens to be that you have been noticed dodgy dealing on other group pages, you will be deleted and banned, no questions ask. This page is for honest trading only, you can't do that? you need to be gone.
To many people work so hard for peanuts this day and age in NZ and there are no recovery favours apart from having to work extra hours and stress just to recover there loses. There ain't no fair in that, we all need money but don't do it in a way that your going to be dishonest about it.

Advertisement is fine for Businesses etc. but please no hype talk, tell it like it is. If it really is an opportunity to look into by all means check it out. With my experience in Online businesses etc. there really are some good online home businesses that don't cost the earth, so nothing to lose really if you just want to have a look .

NO REPEAT ADS! I only need to say that once, I see it repeated, it's time to look for another group...Thank you!!

Further more to this, if you have 3 or more items for sale please place these in an album, I will be monitoring this closely and unfortunately if I don't see them in an album I will tag you to put them in an album within 24hrs before they get deleted.

So basically keep everything clean and tidy in here and categorise your advert properly, make sure that once deal is gone, paid and picked up...Delete your post!!! No if's or butt's. I notice it's still there, you will not be trading on here till the Old ad has gone!!!

Attention: New Rule as of the 6th October!!!

All posts must now have a description with pick up location, if there is no Location, then sorry your post will be removed.

Admin is the sole admin of this group and at anytime I feel posts are not warranted here, I will delete, further more to this. I am a Independent Distributor for It Works Secrets! So will be solely posting It Works, from time to time in this group.

For more Info, please join me here at:

Happy Trading all and if you have any query's etc. PM anytime