Paintball B/S/T

This page is for legit B/S/T paintball, its that simple. Follow the rules and we will all get along. Thanks for joining and have fun!

Page rules:

1. Post MUST include the following:

2. No outside links. This includes pbnation.

3. No flaming, trolling, racial slurs etc.

4. All BNIB items must be posted at MAP.

5. Only bump your post once every 4 hours.

6. No non paintball related post.

7. No "testing the waters" post. Either it's for sale/trade or it's not. Please don't waste people's time.

8. Respect all mods. This means don't argue with them or you will be banned.

9. Happy buying/selling/trading! Let's keep this page the best b/s/t page out there!