Pakistan Energy Efficiency & Conservation Practioners (PEECP) Group

Group Policy (Please read...!)


Dear Members,

This Group has been created to promote information exchange and professional interaction between professionals working in any renewable energy,energy efficiency & development related field in Pakistan. The following Code is strictly observed for this Group:

1. Only people with IDENTIFYABLE CREDENTIALS will be allowed to join. Anybody with un-recognizable/fake identity will not be allowed. Please keep your information/credentials updated to promote interaction and credibility,

2. Please feel free to post TECHNICAL CONTENT ONLY related to subject. Any un-authentic/controversial posting will be removed. Pay respect to other's opinion and ideology. One-to-one posts of personal nature will be removed immediately,

3. Any irrelevant posting (including religious, political, charity, entertainment material and marketing products/services) will be removed. This Group will not support/spread personal agenda of any person and/or group. The Group Admn does not accepts any liability in case on athentcity of any posts (including ones realted to job opporunities etc.)

4. A healthy technical dialogue is encouraged. Any offensive comment/act against any other member or such postings targeting biasness towards anybody on basis of gender, religion/culture, political affiliation etc. will be removed. Any person in repeated engagement in such act will be blocked/removed permanently,

5. Though not forbidden, posts in local languages (including Urdu) will not be encouraged, to promote multi-cultural interaction,

6. Though meant for professionals of Pakistani origin, this Group welcomes members from other nationalities, for sake of sharing knowledge/experiences,

7. Please support in keeping this forum healthy and effective,

8. For any query/complaint, please contact the Group Admn. (