Precision Nutrition Certified Coaches

This is a CLOSED group. This group is for individuals who have received their Nutrition Coach Certification through Precision Nutrition. This group is for networking, socializing, sharing ideas, resources and coaching techniques, and supporting each other. Feel free to share your experiences and offer tips that we can all benefit from.

Please Note: Upon requesting to join the group, your PN Certification status will be confirmed via the Precision Nutrition Online Directory of Fitness Professionals.

**Suggestions for how to be a GREAT member of this group**
>Ask for help from the group with a client scenario that challenges you
>Start a conversation (or debate) about a nutritional concept
>Share a resource, tool, app, or technique that has made a difference in your practice
>Respond to others’ posts with honesty, firsthand experience, suggestions and/or encouragement
>Respond to another member’s request for information or resources with the name/Facebook page/website of a business with which you are familiar.
>If you do have a fitness-related business that offers coaches a fitness-related product or service, and someone in our group posts/asks for that kind of help, you may respond, but it may be best to take it to a private conversation.
>When you post a comment or video, ask yourself questions using the THINK model:
T – is it True?
H – is it Helpful?
I – is it Insightful? Inspiring?
N – is it Necessary?
K – is it Kind?

Original post: Help? My client is driving me nuts! I don’t know what to do!
Your post: You sound stressed. I found this great source of meditation that might help.

Original post: My clients are eating fast food all the time. Does anyone know of a business that could help me teach my clients how to shop and cook?
Your post: I just started a new business that helps trainers teach their clients how to grocery shop in 30 minutes and cook 5 minute meals. If interested, private message me for details.

**Suggestions for getting the attention (not the good kind) of the group’s Admins**
>Create a post that is overtly marketing, promoting or advertising one’s own business/Facebook page, or someone else’s (your sister’s neighbor’s cousin’s candle/purse/baby clothing/pet toy business is just going to have to grow on its own without the PN coaches’ help)
>Repeatedly posting of information that is NOT related to the field of nutrition/strength training/health/wellness (post those cute kitten videos on your personal FB page please)
>verbally attacking another member in your post or using profanity (spirited debate is good, but mind your manners)

Your post: My new company is *&#%^ awesome! Please click on the link below NOW and buy my new product:

Should you find a post to be questionable, please report it or email one of the group admins and we will handle it.