PPA-India Infospace

PPAIndia Infospace

This is a space for those PPA members who would like to keep in touch with the latest promotions and offers from Indian tourney organisers, legal poker rooms and other legal online forums.

For legitimate poker businesses, this is a free space to reach out to poker players all over India.

It is an open group. Any member can add members, without approvals from the admins. Please feel free to add directly from your friend lists and mailing lists.

This forum is expected to have information/ messages about:

-All freerolls/ tournaments exclusive to PPA members
-All other Indian and international tourney announcements.
-All updates about ongoing Live tourneys, results, leaderboards, POY announcements etc.
-Legal poker rooms, rakes, jackpots, contact details etc.
-Any and all information/ queries about International poker rooms and casinos, logistics involved and other related matters.
-Apps, gadgets, gizmos, poker merchandise and accessories etc.
-Advertisements and commercial messages of interest to the Indian poker community

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PPA India - Infospace is a largely unmoderated group, open to all.

The moderators in no way endorse any of the messages posted here and as such will not be a party to any disagreements/ misrepresentations/ disputes/scams that may result from such messages and/ or have any legal liability whatsoever arising out of any message posted here.

For Advertisers: Your use of this free space to post messages here is subject to the following: It is the responsibility of those posting any commercial message here to ensure that their advertised product or service or any and all parts of the contents of the message are not in contravention of any Indian laws and/or cyberspace regulations and/ or of any facebook guidelines, and as such, the advertiser will bear any legal or other liability that arises out of such messages and agrees to indemnify the moderators against any consequent claims or actions.