The Lord led us over three years ago to create a group for a SPECIFIC need. There was no Facebook site that offered people access to a group designed ONLY for Christians who believe in The Pre Tribulation Rapture of the Bride of Christ. We discuss scripture and current events that pertain to the Pre Tribulation Rapture only. This group is to be a safe haven for us free from the attacks of others who do not share our love for the truth of Scripture. No discussion or debate of the antichrist or the false prophet is allowed. Please read, understand and comply with these rules. They are here for a reason and they will be enforced.
1. Please post all prayer requests to our sister group The Pre Trib Prayer & Praise Group.The link to this group is:
2. Current events posting as they apply to Bible Prophecy are encouraged.
3. Biblical studies and scriptures pertaining to the Pre Tribulation Rapture are encouraged.
4. All members are to exhibit maturity and respect in the tone, manner and language they use in all communications. This specifically includes, but is not limited to the use of curse words and/or resorting to name calling, deliberate misspelling of people's names and derogatory remarks.
5. No "feelings" or "someone said" posts are allowed. When you post, post facts. Otherwise they will be removed.
6. No baiting questions allowed.
7. We do not discuss the antichrist or the false prophet nor do we discuss the mark of the beast.
8. No posting of pictures of mutilated bodies, nudity or dead bodies.
9. We do not allow the discussion or the debate of "Once Saved Always Saved". For the record, we do believe in that fact.
10. No date setting for the Rapture. This includes any discussion of a "feast" day Rapture, such as the Feast of Trumpets.
11. No arguing of tongues.
12. No debating the use of any drug for any reason.
13. No debating Calvanism. Do it somewhere else!
14. We believe that The Psalm 83 War is real, not just a prayer for Israel. Those who disagree should not try to disprove it.
15.No teachings of the Hebrew Roots Movement.
16. We do not critique ministers or ministries or call out "false prophets". We understand that the people in our group know their Bible and have the ability on their own to understand if a certain minister or ministry is correct in their Biblical interpretation. There are hundreds of groups where this subject may be argued about forever.
17. No soliciting for any reason. No advertising without permission by an administrator including asking any of our members to join another Facebook group.
18. We do not discuss water baptism because of the fights that ensue with "Christians".
19. Blocking of administrators will result in removal from the group
20. No posts from Dr. Owour, Scottie Clark, John MacArthur, 119 ministries or anyone who sets dates or twists scripture.