Playstation 4 Owners Australia.

PlayStation 4 Owners Australia is a Facebook community where people can share/discuss PS4/gaming related news, organise multiplayer sessions and make new friends.

We have a zero tolerance to offensive and negative comments made towards group members, and others in general.

==Group rules==

- All group members are to conduct themselves in a respectful manner.

- Discussions and debates are encouraged, but please keep it civilized.

- Group members may post links to their own published work (be it blog, website or other) that is PS4, Sony, related (i.e PS4 game announcements, game reviews, twitch streams, YouTube let's play video), but may be removed

- Group members may post links to their own gaming-related (i.e not PS4, Sony and instead relating to Xbox, Nintendo or other) published work (blogs/website or other), but may be removed

- Group members may post images/memes related to PS4, Sony and other gaming related topics.

- Posting of non-topical posts/images/memes/videos and non-gaming related links is allowed, but may be removed if found to be offensive.

- Users may post links to their own gaming-related Facebook groups, providing they first seek permission from the group admin.

- Any group member who violates any of the above will be automatically removed from the group, and banned. This is not up for debate.

- The selling of items (PS3/4 Related Only) is allowed in the "Playstation 4 Owners Australia Buy/Sell" group ( , Anyone that is wanting to sell an item needs to meet to follow or the post will be removed
- Prices are to be Fixed ono
- List if you are willing to post and price if not included in the above
- Items being sold are to have a hand written name
- Please include a postcode or suburb if you are happy for pick ups
- once the item has been sold PLEASE REMOVE your post (Failure to do this will result in any future sale posts by yourself to be removed)

- If anyone has any issues/concerns please PM an Admin
- Dale Eckhardt
- Josh Dale Silva
- John Paulus Huwae
- Jayden O'Brien
- Bradley Smee
- Bryan Hellwig
- Shannon Distler
- Nick Dummett
- Dean Caines