Photoshop Help Group

This group was started to give those who want to know more about Photoshop and just need a helping hand. I think we can all help each other and grow our skills more and more with every helpful post.

The rules of this group are simple there is to be no off topic content and no rudeness. No one can ask anyone to like there page. Self promotion is only allowed if you have a Youtube Channel or Website that is devoted to Photoshop tutorials, Tips, and/or Tricks. I encourage everyone to share something they found to be helpful and if there is something you would like to learn more about please post a question in the group and get the help you need to create the master pieces you know you can.

Posting images of your accomplishments are allowed but please done post more then one image a day. This group is dedicated to helping fellow artist with insight on Photoshop and it's many functions to get the job done.

Posting free Stock images made by fellow members is smiled upon. We want to not only give our members the help to get the job done but the resources too! We ask that if a member chooses to use a free Stock image posted by another member that the user of the images must post in the comments the image he/she used it in. as well as link to the creator of the Stock image anywhere the image may be posted on the web. It is only fare that everyone get credit for the work they have done.

PS: There is to be no promoting of other groups in this group. Failure to comply with these rules will result in Permanently Banning!!!