PWICA(Professional Women in Corporate America)

To build a network of support for women who value success in their career and personal lives by fostering leadership through networking and professional development.
Professional Women In Corporate America (PWICA) was founded in March 2004.
Our focus is to foster leadership for women in all diversities. We offer assistance in financial management and investments, relationship building, entrepreneurship, and business and person seminars from expert advisors.
Provide the support to discuss issues related to Women who are mothers or planned to be Mothers on day and grow in their Career lives
Balance the challenge of a role as a business woman and a Mother
What are our options that will give us the ability to manage both our personal and work lives
How can we help one another to elevate one another
Discuss issues in today’s society related to young adults and experienced women professionals. We are affiliated with the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE).

Chidimma Chuke, M.B.A.
PWICA, President
[email protected]