Paint, Promote & Sell Art

Paint, Promote and Sell Art is an open group for artists working in all artistic mediums to post pictures of their artwork for sale, ask advice from members, or just show your work.

The group is currently unmoderated - please abide by the group spirit to encourage, promote and support each other, and to encourage potential customers, please therefore, ensure that all comments and posts you make would not be offensive in any way to others. If a comment appears offensive it will be removed, please don't take it personally, we just want to create the right impression and harmony in our community.

The only other thing that we ask is that you promote this page when you get the opportunity (not to cause spam or anything, just when the opportunity presents itself, e.g. on your business page when you post something or a link on your blog, the odd tweet etc.). Every little bit of promotion that each of us can do, in what ever way we can do it, helps to raise the profile of all the members.

Items shown here for sale will often be pinned, 'liked', stumbled or tweeted by members. IMPORTANT if you do not want your work to be promoted in any of these ways then please just put a note in your post, we will endeavor to only promote those works that are obviously for sale i.e. shown with a link to your shop/site or gallery.

We do not offer any guaranteed sales, but we hope that by joining our group you will get support from kindred spirits, recognition of your talent and hopefully some extra exposure that will lead to success :)