Boycott Trade in African Painted Dogs.

The African Painted Dog is a highly endangered species, yet recieves little publicity or protection from the world. This group hopes to change that.
The first aim of the group is to assist an organisation called Painted Dog Conservation, to get the species listed on CITES. Cites is an organisation that regulates trade of endangered flora and fauna to prevent trade from threatening a species with extinction. Through illegally taking wild painted dogs from their habitats and forcing them to breed, zoos are encouraging a trade that is a huge threat to the remaining wild population.

China alone has at least 200 wild dogs in its zoos-around 10% of the number left in the wild. There are between 3 and 5000 left in the wild if the IUCN Redlist figure is to be believed. Numbers at that low level can't afford to have people harvesting the remaining dogs to fuel trade.

Please join the group and sign the petition to try to help save this beautiful animal.
Aren't dogs meant to be mans best friend?