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Fact: Pakistan is in trouble.
Fact: Our identities at least for our generation are Pakistani. We may have another citizenship but Pakistan is our root.
Fact: Pakistan needs our help. We have all heard “Ask not what your country can do for you, what you can do for your country” . Now is the time.
Fact: Contrary to India, Pakistan was borne out of selfishness (we do not want to get into details anymore)
Fact: The political leadership, the military leadership and the bureaucracy has never put the country’s interest first. They may have their reasons or they thought they were being patriotic. Irrelevant now.
Fact: If you were born in Pakistan, you are a Pakistani and you cannot re-write this fact. You can change your religion, sometimes even your last name; few things you cannot change are your birth mother and your place of birth.
Fact: We need to get Pakistan out of this mess.
Fact: For a lot of people, including people like me with dual nationalities have nothing to lose but Pakistan. Let’s try to save our mother (land).
That is the reason I am asking you fine Ladies & Gentlemen to brain storm solutions ( Just solutions, please) No finger pointing, no biases. The only criteria to be a part of this forum is to be a Pakistani in the real sense. PERIOD.


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1. This forum is created by and for the well wishers, supporters and proponents of better Pakistan.
2. The primary objective is to bring diverse group together to work as a think tank to identify problem area, gaps, research support and device policies, vision, and strategies for the existing network to improve and create sustainable condition in Pakistan.
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