Pandora's Box

DISCLAIMER: This group is MATURE ADULTS and Independent THINKERS who are tired of groups that pander to agenda's, stifle free speech, and are not intellectually challenging.

You must be brave to come here!!!


1.) Respect ALL Members of the group! It's Ok to disagree; if you can't reach a position of acceptance or solution within a discussion; just agree to disagree.

2.) NO THREATS TO MEMBERS! or Stalking Members!

3.) No Pornographic photos--Use Your Judgement Wisely!

4.) Do Not Spam This Group with Political agendas or Fetishes, i.e., Dog Lovers, Snake Lovers, Prison Love, etc.

*Any violations of the group rules and you will be removed!

Pandora's Box is not for everyone! It is for people who are not afraid to open the mysteries that are contained deep within the walls of the human mind.

Got a lot that's been on your mind? Maybe it's not politically correct? Do you have an issue that you'd like to discuss ?. Whatever you want to talk about; you can bring it here to Pandora's Box.

No subject is off limits.

Pandora's Box is for discussions too (((HOT!!!))) or serious for other groups.

****You can speak freely here--healthy debate is encouraged.