Paonia Message Board

The Paonia Message Board gives us access to the community, not just our friend list.

Local news for the people, by the people.

Guidelines for how to use the P.M.B. (Paonia Message Board)

If it's an event, create an event!
The event function is much more powerful than posting on a wall. The event function is more like sending out a mailing, rather than tacking up a single poster.

Documents for all kinds of purposes
A document could be used to find out who all wants a Rec Center and even what they are willing to contribute to the cause.

The Wall
Think of it as a cork board to hang your flyer on. It might get messy but it's fast and easy.

Chat, Videos, Links, Photos, etc.
Sharing, growing, informing…

Note: If you don't want to get emails from the PMB click on "Edit Settings" in the top right hand corner when you are on the PMB page. Set your settings as desired.

Your help is needed in order to make this fly! Please add locals and spread the word.