Paralegals Connect

Welcome to the Paralegals Connect Facebook group! This group was created for paralegals and paralegals-in-the-making to interact, share networking tips, and rant and rave about the legal profession. The group’s admins are Crystal Thanos, Sonya Accardo and Bar Villela.

For those who are seeking employment in the legal field, please go to our event “Looking for a job?” where you can post your city and prospective position. Likewise, members who come across a job listing or if their firm is hiring, please post the information on our event “Seeking Paralegals” where other members may find your post.

Please read the following group rules carefully:

1. Please respect each other. We understand that topics may arise that will cause the discussion to turn heated; however, please refrain from name-calling, insulting or putting down another member. If you see a member using profanity or behaving confrontationally against another member, please notify an admin by tagging us or sending us a screenshot via private message. Offensive behavior against a member or an admin will not be tolerated and will result in the member being removed and banned from the group.

2. As the title states, this is a group for paralegals and prospective paralegals to connect. If you joined this group seeking free legal advice, please understand that paralegals know better and only attorneys can provide legal advice. Please consult your State Bar Association for referrals to lawyers, or your local Legal Aid or other nonprofit organizations. There are numerous resources out there that assist with your specific problem. Don’t give up and good luck!

3. If you would like to promote your services in our group, it is allowed as long as they relate to the legal field and you only post your link once weekly. Excessive and / or unrelated posts will be deleted and you will be notified and asked to limit your posts.

4. We often share humorous posts related to our profession. However, for the sake of keeping discussions civil, please refrain from posting political or religious posts, since we all likely share very different views on these subjects.

The admins may add more rules as we see fit in the best interest of maintaining a friendly and cooperative atmosphere. We hope that everyone is active in our group and enjoys our daily postings. We look forward to connecting with you and hearing your story too! And of course, please feel free to invite other paralegals or legal assistants to the group.


Your admins, Crystal Thanos, Sonya Accardo and Bar Villela.