Hello and welcome to Payson Guns & Reloading: I am Nick Dial, the founder, and welcome all. I am a disabled police officer who recently moved to rim country to enjoy the American dream in the northern woods of Arizona.

After noticing no Facebook group for the Payson area for gun related hobbies, I decided to launch this group in celebration of our second amendment.

This is a public group for chatting, selling, trading, and buying for guns and reloading in the Payson, Pine/Strawberry area of Northern AZ.

We welcome all to come and share in our mutual passion for firearms and reloading.

The general rules are very simple..


1. USE COMMON SENSE! Please, no foul language, the abuse of others, disrespect or racism.prejudice of any kind will be not be tolerated.

2. You may sell anything you want related to guns, reloading,hunting, and outdoors activities.This includes accessories and related items for example ATVS, tents, etc. You may sell whatever you want, just make sure its related to the subject here. Don't come in here and post your bed for sale for example....

3. YOU are responsible for your transactions with others. This group takes no responsibility at all for the private sales among the members of this group. All transactions should be carried out within full accordance with state and federal law. You are responsible for your sales activity and you alone.

4. Please show respect of undermining a post or bad mouthing it or complaining of price. If interested, private message for negotiating, don't hash it out in public.

5. Please respect order. If you are interested in a post, state so by saying "next" to claim your place in line. showing an interest by asking questions does not guarantee anything


6. A seller has FULL control on how they will sell their items. It's their right to handle the sell anyway they like in terms of who, what, when, where and why. All we ask is that you are fair and honor those who post "next" when inquiring about an item. If the seller wants to hold an item they can, if not, they don't have to. This is America and they can sell their property how they see fit.

8. NO underselling! if you agree to meet someone, don't turn around and sell it to someone else wasting the persons time. Honor your commitments and agreements. Its very rude and disrespectful to do this and diminishes the integrity of the group as a whole. This also includes buying, DO NOT agree to meet and then no call no show.

If someone receives multiple complaints of no call-no show or underselling, they will be removed from the group.

if you have any concerns, comments, trouble, etc, you may contact an ADMIN to address this concern. Admins will be added as we grow, the list of current admins are Nick Dial,Lisa Dial,Mark Dillon.
Welcome and have fun!