(PAPA) People Against the Pussification of America

This is a group with one goal. OFFEND EVERYONE, including each o...ther! It's a place where you can vent, post memes, etc. about why you think America is becoming a nation of overly sensitive little bitches. Or just post stuff you wouldn't post to your own timeline.... Tired of political correctness? Have you ever been called a "hater"? Tired of having to censor yourself because you might offended someone? Tired of everyone acting like a bunch of pussies? Here's the place to vent...There are only three ways to get banned from this group. #1 - Threatening or picking fights with other members. #2 - Being a pussy. And #3 - comments like "Too Harsh" or "Too soon" about a post, which is kinda the same thing as being a pussy. Other than that, it's up to you whether or not you want to be in the group.