Perth Cafe Racers

A page for Perth, WA owners of custom motorcycles that include Street Trackers, Scramblers, Classics, Retros, Brats, Bobbers ...oh yeh, and Cafe Racers sometimes. Feel free to post pictures of your bike or project and ask questions of other members. We're here to help and RIDE!

PCR has a had a HUGE influence on motorcycling in WA and some of our bikes have appeared on all the major bike blogs and a few magazines. Three events that PCR were involved in the creation of, are world renown.

This success has come about by the positive contributions of its members and the four very simple guidelines we have . We hope that you get involved in the scene and come to our events and if you have a bike that fits the description at the top then you're welcome to come on our irregular rides.

1. Events such as Movie Nights, Chasing Tenths, Maintenance 101 days, Ornithology are open to everyone on any type of bike. This is a great way for people who are interested in our style of bikes to come and meet the crew and ogle the bikes.
2. Rides listed on the Facebook page are open to all bikes listed at the top of this section unless they are niche specific such as a Cafe Racer only ride.
3. Admins reserve the right to delete inappropriate comments and will usually (but not always) send you a PM if you are crossing the line too often.
4. No advertising on the page allowed

Admins are Rex Havoc, Oly Nommadicted and Scott Heckingbottom.

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride page can be found here

AFTERSHOCK page can be found here

Bucket List Motorcycle Tourers page can be found here

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PCR Forum [website coming soonish]