Professionals for Peter Kenneth for President 2013

This is a not for profit voluntary association of people with similar conviction and ideals who appreciate the fact that Kenya is ours and that we are here to stay and that it's incumbent upon us to correct the problems that have bedevilled this country, viz. disease, hunger and poverty that have been perpetuated by successive leadership through practice of tribal politics, ethnic bigotry and chauvinism and perveted and self seeking populist practices. Let us remind them that the time has come for us to say enough is enough and that in one decisive thrust we have decided to rid ourselves from this malaise, further to this, we have come to the realisation that everyone especially the youth and sober professionals are the critical mass that ought to have made this happen many years ago and now we have a chance to redeem ourselves. Like they say we have to save ourselves from ourselves; never again shall we allow the madness that we witnessed after the last General elections simply because people were seeking power for themselves not to serve the people which ought to be the case. Therefore let us sober up, take a decisive stance and kick out this nonsense that we brand leadership, let us vote for an action oriented [ Agriculture, Health, Infrastructure, Security and Education] leader, who's a proven performer and transcends beyond tribe. This is our UNIFYING FACTOR, and that is PETER KENNETH FOR PRESIDENT IN 2013.