Pets For Sale and Rescued Dogs needing Homes

Please Note We No Longer Allow FREE TO GOOD HOME ADS

PLEASE do check the person out by asking questions and doing a home visit and a price for your pet..

Advisory Minimum Price...
£20-£30 Kittens & Cats
£50-£100 Puppies and Dogs

ANY ads for non pet stuff will be removed, and reoffending culprits will be removed from group

If you are selling any thing you have to put a picture, price and location other wise your post will be deleted.

No ads for Studs allowed.. we are aware of the many dogs currently in rescue's looking for new homes, so for this reason we will not allow these ads.

No advertising animals to be sold before 8 weeks of age, unless approved by admin and we recommend they are flea'd and wormed up to date as per advice given by your vet on the health check given after birth, and also we recommend you offer full back up support to your animals new owners, just in case it does not work out. The last thing we want is more animals in rescues.

We are now going to be advertising Dogs in need of homes in our local area, each post will obtain all the information you require about the dogs via the rescue centers description. Should you need more information about a particular dog please get in touch with the rescue in person..

Also after you have sold any thing please delete your post and your picture

NO bad language or no arguments on this group thank you.

Any help needed our Admin are here to help with all your Questions.

Admin are :-
Donna Louise Adcock
Simon Atkin
Adam Valentino Walton
Jo Taylor