Jobs in Phoenix, AZ and Surrounding Areas


This is a group for finding jobs in the Phoenix,Arizona area and surrounding areas. If you know of a place hiring, please share it. If you are an employer looking for employees please post here as well!

If you are posting about a job hiring, please put where is it located, the job name and company, what you do, what the wages/salaries are, and what the qualifications are. You ESPECIALLY have to put this information up if you are posting a link. Put as much information as you can on your post!

You may post side work opportunities for your side businesses. You may post ISO (In Search Of) advertisements. No Direct Sales Advertisements for "jobs" such as selling "wraps", selling weight lose products, selling stuff at home, and working from home on the computer will not be permitted or MCA, MLM,etc. People want hourly/salary jobs that make actual money. There may be some acceptions, but you will have to talk to admin before posting, otherwise it will be deleted.

You may post links from other websites to this sites such as indeed, jobing, careerbuilder, monster, craigslist, etc. Be as specific as you can for job listings, location, the wage, etc.

This IS a friendly group. THIS IS A SCAM FREE GROUP. No drama, no rude comments, no selling, no trading, no profanity, no prostitution offers, no illegal activity; just strickly a job search group. These things will NOT be tolerated and you will be removed from the group on the first offense. Remember this is a “Job Professionals page” let's act like professionals.

Share this group and invite your friends to increase the number of people who will post job related searches.

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This group is NOT for selling anything!

Please delete your post once the job has been filled.

Do not ask people to add you, just comment information!

If ANYONE offends these rules again, I will remove you. Even if it is the first offense. You HAVE to read this before POSTING.