Photo Digital Club (Canon Nikon)

We welcome photographers with any Canon/Nikon or any other cameras to join the group. Please feel free to share your pictures and Tips with other members. Please note that you can only share your own pictures and not of someone else. And Tips or Articles about photography written by yourself or shared with the original links can be shared.

Although, the group Admins don't take responsibility for a picture posted on the group for any copyrights but if we found out that the copyrights have been breached, the member will receive a warning, items will be removed and depending on the severity, member might even be removed and banned.

HOWEVER, ANY SPAMMERS WHO ARE SELLING ITEMS IN THE GROUP, PHOTOGRAPHY OR ANYTHING ELSE WILL BE REMOVED WITHOUT NOTICE AND BANNED. You are most welcome to share your page without a link but if you started to sell it will be considered spam.

Now that the boring but necessary stuff is discussed, please have fun in the group.