Pinteresters Tribe K.C. S&S

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Pinteresters Tribe K.C. Swap & Shop

This swap and shop group is only for those who are interested in Pinterest crafts, refurbishing furniture, doing trick photography, and for those who hunt for items Pinteresters need to make their works of art.
On this site you are allowed to post your creations, your ideas, ask for advice, post pinterest related ISO's and the items in which you have that someone might be able to utilize.

Post completed Pinterest projects for sell or items that can be used for Pinterest project. Must be in KC Metro. Tagging someone in a post does not hold your spot. Only your comment will. If interested in item you have 2 hours to comment or personal message the seller on when you are able to pick up. Must pick up in 24 hours of first comment or at sellers discretion. Items must be offered to buyers in order by post showing interest. Do not commit to an item unless you are absolutely sure to follow through with intention to pick up within 24 hours. Make sure you are clear on when and where your pick up is. Leading on a buyer on will not be tolerated, you will be removed from the group. No posting items for sale that are not Pinterest craft related items. Be polite and respectful of of others. If you are not you will be removed from this group. This is not Walmart and there is no layaway. If you are unable to purchase an item immediately and set up pick up immediately do not communicate on an item. If you see an item you know you want, move quick! There's only 2 hours before you get bumped for not responding on arranging a pick up with the seller.
Also if you find that you disagree with the pricing of a product or item listed please keep your comments to yourself. We will not tolerate trolling.