Plainview bidding auction

This group is here so that we can place items here and be able to sell to highest bidder. we will have the auctions on Saturday and Sunday from 2pm- 8pm and you may place items on that morning.
Remember it is an auction so don't ask what you want for it go lower and don't go too low. Also Wednesday and Friday from 5-9 Pm On Wednesdays and Fridays ALL starting bids will start at 1$ then go from there. No bids will be accepted after the closing time.

All bids must be Dollar Increments no cents

No guns, or weapons and no animals will be accepted.

(Do not bid unless you will pick it up) and you need to make arrangements to pick it up by 10:30 the next morning with the seller .

Please get their name and contact information as we will delete the posts after 10:30.
If you are out of town or dont want to meet up and its pickup only please state where the bidder needs to pick the item up at

Have a great auction ...and lets bid bid bid