Plus Size / Big & Tall ~ Raleigh, NC and Surrounding Areas

I don't know about you, but I hate weeding through Facebook pages of size 2's and size 8's for hours only to wind up finding nothing in my size! Then I feel uneasy putting my larger size items up for sell beside all the tiny sizes that seem to be featured in other Facebook groups. This group is a safe place for Plus-sized ladies and Big & Tall men to buy and sell clothing and shoes in a judgmental-free setting. Happy shopping!

Our Plus Size definition: XL and higher; Sizes 14 and higher
Our Big & Tall definition: Any size indicated as "Tall"; Big sizes XL and higher; Size 40 and higher

Clothing needs to be in like-new condition. So this means no holes, tears, runs, or rips in the clothing unless specifically noted and photographed in the album and description.

**Membership in this group is at the sole discretion of the administrators**

If you are found to be a nuisance, i.e. posting ads or spam continuously, you will be banned
If you promise to pick up an item and are a no show without prior notice, you will be banned
If you butt in line by sending a PM before claiming the item on the wall, you will be banned
Arguing will not be tolerated!

Anyone found to be selling sub-par items without noting problems in the description and in photos will be deleted immediately!

Buyers please inspect clothing thoroughly before exchanging money. I will do my best to keep sellers from selling sub-par clothing, but the administrators and I can not do much after money has been exchanged. Please be vigilant! Also, please report all offenders to one of the administrators ASAP.

Please upload all photos to an album. If your photos are uploaded to the wall, they will be deleted! Format albums as follows...
*Name - Location - Size Ranges or short description*

You MUST indicate interest in an item on the wall before you PM the seller. Each person is given 24 hours to contact the seller before the item can move to the next person in line.

Albums may be "bumped" ONLY once per week. Do not bump individual photos, please. They will be deleted.

If you don't agree with these rules and regulations, please remove yourself from the group.

FRIDAY's Only: If you have a business, Facebook group, upcoming yard sale, or the like you may promote your venture.
*You will ONLY be allowed to be posted on Fridays.
* I don't want to be a Facebook "Nazi", but if everyone does not follow the rules of this privilege I will resend the offer and delete ALL posts of this kind. I respect you and know that this page is not your only interest, and I would love for you to share your interests with your new friends and me. So please respect me and not crowd my wall with these postings any other day of the week. I want everyone to have fun and enjoy this group without worrying about "consequences" of each post, but I will be strict about this. *

**Administrators are not responsible for any transactions that may originate in this group, so please buy and sell wisely.**