Podcast Community

This group has three rules.

1. Play nice! Civil discussion and even respectful disagreement are encouraged but slander, name calling, snide mean spirited or condescending comments are not acceptable behavior. You will get a warning and continued negative behaviour will result in a temporary or permanent ban.

2. No question is a dumb question - If you use an acronym please define it and/or give a link to where people can get more info on it. Same goes for terms newbies might not be familiar with.

3. No self promotion - Introduce yourself when you join and give name or and/or url of your podcast but this is not the place to post "hey check out the episode I just posted" Get your own page/group for that.

Happy Podcasting
~Megan Enloe

Above is the simple version and is all you really need to read. A few people have asked me to expand on and explain the rules. So here is the extended version:

1. Podcasters are a fantastic community. This group went for months with “Play Nice” just being a given. Sadly that changed in September of 2012 and this rule had to be added. It turns out that a couple of people making snide condescending comments results in a handful of people making more snide condescending comments taking the opposing view. The rest of the community either goes silent because they don’t want to be on the receiving end of the negative comments or they simply leave the community all together.

Trolls and any troll like behavior is banned in this group. If you have a problem with that you can take your troll arse out of my group.

2. Most Saturday mornings I can be found in Costa Mesa, CA attending Social Media Masterminds of Orange County. 30-50 people get together and discuss all things social and New Media. Yes, that many people drag themselves out of bed on a Saturday because the group is that useful. One of the reasons it is so good is that no question is a dumb question and the discussion is kept open to all levels of tech, social and New Media knowledge. Even when the discussion gets complicated the moderator insists that acronyms and uncommon terms are defined. The moderator makes sure people in the room feel ssafe.

This group is a safe place to make comments and ask questions. If you have a problem with this, please see expanded notes on rule 1.

3. I realise the podcast or blog post you just put up is the best thing since sliced bread and EVERYBODY will want to know about it....but not everyone will agree with you. Since everyone in the group creates content of some kind this group would be a constant stream of the content we are creating if I didn’t have this rule in place. If you think your content, podcast, blog post etc. is useful to the group then run it past a few people in the group. If they are willing to put their reputation on the line and post it then it’s no longer self promotion.

Regarding conferences, expos and award shows; This group was created, in part because I attended an event with a lot of other podcasters and didn’t realize we were all there together until the end of the conference. I had missed the opportunity to socialize with my fellow podcasters and went looking for a place online where podcasters would congregate and I could find out who would be attending events that are of interest to podcasters. When I could not find such a group I created this one.

Expect to see promotion of Parsec Awards, Podcast Awards, Dragon*Con, Balticon, New Media Expo and any other event that has a strong podcasting track. It’s part of the reason this group was created.

I would be happy to have representatives of the above Cons and award shows do an occasional post in this group because they are the original and best source of information about their event. Please run it by me first if you represent such an event just so we can all agree your event would be of interest to a large percentage of the community.

This part gets a bit dicey for me because in September of 2012 I became an employee of New Media Expo. So I asked the group how much you all wanted to hear from me regarding my day job. The response was that major announcements are welcome as long as I don’t pester you with constant small updates. So when you see a post from me that promotes NMX (New Media Expo) please know that I have cleared this with the community and I have people who will keep me accountable if I post about NMX or the Podcast Awards too often.

If you have a problem with this, please see expanded notes on rule 1.

Happy Podcasting
~Megan Enloe