Pokémon Addicts (Worldwide)

Welcome to Pokémon Addicts Worldwide. Intended for Pokemon Trainers. We have roms and emulators for Gameboy Advance & Nintendo DS working in PC,ANDROID and Psp devices.

All members are allowed to post their concerns but of course we have rules to be
implemented to maintain cleanliness of the group.

√ To all newbies don't forget to visit the files section before requesting & asking questions.

√ Spam posts/comments and trolling are not tolerated.

√No bullying/insulting to other's mistakes.

√Detected fowl words automatically banned

√Off topic posts like advertising, promoting other's groups are allowed but will be deleted after an hours later.

√Stop posting nonsense topic unrelated to the group


√You can post "Advertisement". But just all about Pokemon.


You can share or teach other members based on your experiences. You can also share your Pokemon games here.

Please don't forget to share and promote our groups.
Pokémon Addicts (Worldwide)