Pokémon OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire

★This group is just for OR/AS Discussion until the games are released! By joining this group you're submitting yourself to these rules. If they aren't followed, there is a good chance you will be banned.★

★Ask admins if you need help.
★Be polite and courteous to ALL members.
★Make sensible offers (Eg: no offering a Bunnelby for a Zygarde).
★Report any offensive posts using the 'report' button.
★Use your best English at all times.

★Hijack other people's posts with your requests.
★Advertise pages or groups for ANY reason.
★Attack another member for ANY reason. If there's a fight, ALL parties will be banned.
★Scam another member
★Ask for or offer Pokémon that cannot be caught by legit means (Eg: Shiny Victini, Shiny Reshiram)

Trolling, asking for attention, complaining about the group, and generally being a smartass, epecially towards newer players, will also earn you a ban.

We assume all members have read this post fully, and so we do not give chances. All offences result in a permaban. Unbanning is an admin's desicion, and everything the admins say is final.

Thank you guys, and enjoy your stay~