Police - Fire - EMS: Buy, Sell, Trade

Please be advised that we do screen membership requests. If we don’t find anything on your profile relating to membership of Police/Fire/EMS etc, your request will be denied. This is not an effort to limit membership but rather to prevent SPAM.


A:(IF buying/selling colored emergency lights)I am a legally authorized to use said equipment.l.

B:If you are ISO an item or asking to purchase item from another member, you are stating that you can legally own the item and have no ill intentions of using said item in an illegal manner.

C: It is the responsibility of the buyer/seller to ensure that the items are legally allowed to be purchased or sold .. the admins on occasion and at random will attempt to verify that the person is legally allowed to use/possess/purchase the item

D:If buying/selling firearms it is legal for me to purchase or sell said firearm and I will adhere to all applicable Federal,state and local laws. If I am at all unsure about firearm sales or transfers, I will contact the ATF at 1-800-ATF-GUNS and visit the ATF website at http://www.atf.gov/.

E: All items are to be removed once item is sold or no longer available

F: Sharing of other FB groups and websites will be limited to once per week and only those that are related to the purpose of this group
(exception: when a business is advertising/promoting a product they may link to their site/group as long as a product is listed with the link)

G: Postings will be deleted by admin after 1 month of original posting date. Unless there are recent comments (within couple days)

H: If you post an item for sale or ISO, and Admins notice questions have not been answered it will be deleted.

I: I agree to post a photo, price, location and detailed description of any item i am listing. Stock photos may only be used if item is Brand New. If value is unknown you make say "taking offers"

J: I agree to not "hijack" another member's post with any unrelated comments. I also agree to not post my items for-sale on another members for-sale post.

K: No one shall make a post without ADMIN APPROVAL for requesting donated equipment. They will be accepted or denied on case by case basis and only cases where we feel there is a LEGIT need for said equipment will be allowed. SELLERS SHOULD SHIP TO A VERIFIED DEPARTMENT ADDRESS WHEN DONATING EQUIPMENT. NO posts will be allowed requesting any DONATED equipment for any non Emergency Service related projects( such as project for childs room or to have as souvenir) you may ask a seller by PM only if they would like to donate and the risk/decision is up to the seller.

L. Members are allowed to set the price as they choose. If you do not like it, you may make offer or move on and do not comment.

M. Only Items which are related to the public safety industry may be posted

This group will cooperate with Law Enforcement in every way possible and will report any suspected illegal activity