Ek is van Pretoria Noord

This is a forum for the community of PTA NORTH
• We interact with each other, help and build meaningful relationships
• We all have one thing in common: PTA NORTH
Members are from or related to PTA NORTH and whatever happens in this group should be specifically relevant to PTA NORTH
… so this means this is not the first place where we share jokes, niceties, family feuds , begging etc
Posts/comments are relevant to the community of PTA NORTH only
• Posts and comments in Afrikaans or English are welcomed
If you do not understand, ask for a translation or just hit the down button to the next post you can understand
Who you are:
• Living or lived, own a business or providing a service in PTA NORTH
The “Please do’s”:
• Ask, comment, question, share, like, unlike, encourage, discourage, complain, advertise, tell, name, testify, show, report and constructively criticism anything related to the community of PRETORIA NORTH
• Report posts or comments not complying to this CoC - not like left, right and centre, but use good judgment to report true transgressions
• Promote the adoption of dogs/cats from shelters/SPCA and be wise and sterilize
• Do use this sister group for animal related postings where possible - https://www.facebook.com/groups/PretoriaNorthLostFoundandRescuePets/
The “Please be’s”:
• Courteous, decent, kind, professional, humorous, respectful, relevant
The “Shalt not’s”:
• Promote or advertise any illegal activity, nudity, racism, sexism, hate speech, discriminating, belittling, aggressiveness, intentionally offend, slander, vulgarity, inciting violence and swearing
• Debate political party-politics
• Debate religious, theological, denominational differences
• Do any discrimination, racism, belittle, swearing or offensive language
• NO advertise selling of dogs/cats for profit
• NO give away UN-STERILIZED dogs/cats
The “Strongly discourage”:
• General jokes/memes, wise-crack/natural phenomena/soft-toy –pictures or photo’s.
• Opinionated, dividing debates
• Negative and destructive criticism
The “Rather not’s”:
• Provide personal details – spammers and other baddies can use it against you
• Post too much photo's and video's
• Post items of personal nature that belongs on your own wall
Your admins:
• Are people with their own lives and do not monitor the group 24x7
• Cannot be held responsible or liable for comments on the group
• Will remove “Shalt not” posts, block or warn and where possible engage with you to provide reasons
• Will remove “Shalt not” comments where possible and either block or warn you to behave nicely
• Will remove and where possible engage with you to edit “Strongly discourage” posts
• Will block you if you consistently commit “Shalt not’s”
Specifics for businesses and institutions:
• Limit advertising/promoting to once per day only
• Remember, advertise the same thing everyday people get bored and frown upon your endeavors
• Do not spam!