Professional Photography

This group is for showing your love for Photography

Everyone is invited to join, post, comment and share their experiences and knowledge with others. You can join if you are pro, amateur, beginner or even if you are interested in viewing collections of others.

You can share pics, articles or any material related to Photography. Kindly do not post advertisement but you can share your links which include related materials or pictures.
For pictures do post along with exif and other related data, top serve as a guide for fellow members.

You can post directly to the group (preferred method) but can also share links both methods are ok.

Pl do adhere with the group rules and do not violate copyrights.
Post only those images which have your own property rights.

NOTE: Do not post Un-ethical images, you'll be given one warning next step will be permanent ban!

Take Care and have a happy time :)
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