PsYroBics / PsYKidO = OUT DOOR / Indoor Fitness Dance Fun, Massage Time, YOU Time with Meditation and Intuition, Balance Yourself !!!

Combining Ancient Cultural Movements with New Age Dance Fitness, Body Re-conditioning, Body Weight Training, Cardio, Basic Pilates & Yoga, Aerobics and Aquarobics and Many other various styles practiced.

Also available Personal one on one Training and Private Group classes.

Join us at our Outdoor Venue, or have us Drive to You,we are Mobile.

Exercise outdoors and receive More O2 and Vitamin D, Sunshine.

PsYroBics / PsYKidO = The Universe Never stops Moving, Why should we???

Energizing You from Within and All Around,

Tons of Various Health and Lifestyle benefits to enjoy once you join the PsYroBics / PsYKidO membership
T.E.A.M. = (Together Each Achieve More).

We Promote Happiness, Color, Movement and Energy…… with this Life and Personal Management will be easy and flow naturally in Your Life.

We'll help find something that suits You, Your Personality and Individuality. No one has the same DNA, same Finger Prints or even the same Mood all of the time or Perspective towards things...... YET we are ALL One and Connected to a GREATER UNIVERSAL ENERGY & an AMAZING Unexplainable FORCE.

We Celebrate You, Your Individuality and Uniqueness!!!

Helping you get Fit and Filled with Energy for Life.

For More information View our Web site @ OR e-mail us @ [email protected]

Contact me, Cindy / Pindy @ 071 457 2435, (Messages are gladly accepted.)

Harmony Within and All around!!!

Namaste' P.L.U.R.

Join @ Own Risk.