Pump House Theatre and Arts Centre

The Pump House Theatre & Arts Centre used to be the old pumping station supplying water to the Watford area. A new pumping station was built and the Pump House fell into disuse. In the early 70s the building was converted to provide a theatre auditorium and rehearsal room. Several other developments and improvements have been carried out over the years that have lead to the existence of the centre with additional facilities to support the local community as it is today. It offers an auditorium seating 124 and a live music venue.

The aim of the centre is to provide facilities for local arts groups and enable art for the community. This covers all art forms including: performance, music, written, spoken and visual art. The centre is funded through rents from the resident organisations, hire fees, bar revenues, donations and sponsorship. We currently receive no regular funding from the council or any other arts bodies. The Pump House does hold the occasional event in its own right, but it exists mainly as a venue and organization to provide help and coordination for individual artists, groups and local societies, with an interest in the arts. The centre is managed by a board of trustees and the work of maintaining and running the centre is performed by volunteers.

Further information at www.pumphouse.info