PureLeverage HQ

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Welcome to our Group!

We are a family dedicated to helping each other build our PureLeverage business and here you can get great income tips from other Pureleverage.com and GVO members!

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And to keep the group clean, we have a few rules for everyone in the group!

1) No Links... Period. The only time you are allowed to post a link is if it's been approved by the admins or if it's your PL blog post.

2) This is NOT a technical support line or a complaint center. Submit a support ticket with PureLeverage if you have questions that would fall into this category.

3) Be Respectful. We have a WIDE range of expertise in the group and we're here to help and elevate each other. Treat this as entering into our home... and be kind, and you'll see there are lots of great people in here.

4) Networking for personal gains. If you're caught private messaging our members in regards to any other 'opportunity;, system, gadget, promotion, no auto postings, picture sayings.. etc - you'll be banned. This is a group that is dedicated to everything, and only things related to PureLeverage.

5) If you see anyone breaking these rules, please let me know or an admin know, and we will ban that member.

6) Have fun, comment and add value to the group!

We can all learn a lot from each other, so stick to talking about GVO and PureLeverage, general marketing Q & A, tips, tricks, and the like.

Let's all get to know each other, build some strong relationships and make some big money together!

We would hate to have to ban folks from this group, but rules are rules, so please follow. We've already had to ban a few people from our group and we don't want that to happen again!

Alright, that's about it!

Look forward to connecting :) Cheers!

To the Top,
Joel, Mike, Blake, Melissa, Johnny, Mark, Terry and the PL Leadership Team

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