QUT League of Legends

QUT League of Legends (QUTLoL) is an affiliated QUT Club which aims to provide an engaging, positive and friendly community for fellow QUT Summoners. Executives organise events, mainly held at the QUT Gardens Point Campus, ranging from social events, to both casual and competitive League of Legends tournaments. Whether you are a serious or a casual League of Legends player, the Executive team can Garen-tee that this is the club for you.

Official membership costs $5! ($10 for non-QUT students) and can be purchased at any of our events, unless otherwise specified. Membership gets you a shiny membership card which gets you discounts to club hosted events and deals with our partners Guf Internet Cafe and G-Castle Internet Cafe when you present your membership card! These discounts and deals include at Guf:
Gold Membership Rate - $3 per hour
Overnight Lockins - $15 from 8pm to 8am
And at G-Castle Internet Cafe:
Overnight special - $15 from 10pm to 8am
Longer overnight special - $20 from 8pm to 10am

Like our page! https://www.facebook.com/QUTLeagueofLegendsPage

Join our in-client chat room to chat with other QUT League of Legends members: QUT LoL

QUTLoL does not have its own TeamSpeak server; though feel free to join the QUT Gamers Society TeamSpeak 3 Server:
Password: newblood

As previously mentioned, this club promotes upholding a friendly community where everyone can share their passion for League of Legends in a safe and positive environment! There is an official QUTLoL Code of Conduct which all members should read which can be accessed under 'Files' in this Facebook group after the AGM!

Though TL;DR ideally to ensure this is upheld, here are some guidelines that all members should adhere to when posting in the Facebook group:
- No harassing others (includes politics, religion, sexism, racism, extreme trolling or toxic behaviour)
- No selling or trading of accounts
- No spamming (includes non-LoL related posts)
- No porn or nudity
- Please give context to linked videos
- No "this game is better than that game" fiasco
- If you want to advertise something (streams are OK), please contact one of the executives first!

Breaking these guidelines will result in the immediate removal of the post followed by a warning. A third warning will result in the user being banned permanently from the Facebook group.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let someone from the executive team know!

President: Nathan 'Lord Susha' Wong
Vice President: Andre 'ShockDropZ' Abelita
Secretary: Astrid 'AstridMeow' Jonelynas
Treasurer: Andrew 'Littlelift' Nguyen
Admin: Matthew 'Dyerbolical' Dryer

See you on the fields of justice! Happy Summoning!